African Fauna

The occurrence of african fauna in early Pleistocene deposits from Cueva Victoria was a great surprise, the finds of Theropithecus cf. Oswaldi was published in Journal of Human Evolution, vol 28, nº 6, 1995.

This was the first time that an African species was described outside of Africa or Israel.

In Cueva Victoria, besides this ape other species with probable African origin have been described as: Megantereon waitei, Hippopotamus antiquus, Equus granatensis y Pachicrucuta brevirrostris.

(Another interesting data is the occurrence of  Ursus etruscus in late Pliocene deposits of Morocco (Casablanca). This is a typical Euroasiatic taxa and its is exceptional to be found in North Africa.) 

This data together with the presence of African fauna in South Spain suggest that the Strait of Gibraltar could be crossed by fauna and humans during the early Pleistocene.

In this sense the Strait of Gibraltar could be considered as one of the migration gates of Europe during the early Pleistocene.

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